Monday, February 14, 2011

Ping ping

Nope, not ping pong.  It's the piano tuner.  Octave to octave, note to note, sound to sound.  Comparisons, adjustments, ping ping again.  Could get aggravating after a certain length of time, but each time it improves.  And hopefully my playing will sound better long after he's gone.  I shouldn't wait so long between tunings.  When will I ever learn?

Can't believe the lovely weather we are having today. WOW! Thermometer is reading 68* and it's sunny and a bit breezy!!  Not a good idea to have a fire in the fire pit tonight.  I could get used to this kind of weather!  Maybe I'll order this same weather for tomorrow.  You think God will grant my wish?  He said He'd give us the desires of our heart...

We've had some bad news for the past few days.  Deaths, sicknesses, disappointments, losses.  Lauren lost her battle against leukemia on Sunday morning.  That has to be such a terrible loss for the family.  Our prayers continue for the family to help them through this terrible time.  A cousin just got out of surgery, praying he receives positive results.  A friend will have surgery for colon cancer the end of the week.  Several others we know have had recent illnesses, surgeries, losses.  A sad time for many. 

I had a large package of ground chuck so decided this morning was a good day to cook it up.  I made two meatloaves and a huge pot of spaghetti sauce.  The kitchen smells great and my tummy is beginning to crave one of them to eat.  I put the two meatloaves in the freezer.  We'll eat the spaghetti for supper, I guess - although Sweetz has suggested we eat out.  That would really have to be extra delicious to be as good or better than my spaghetti.  But I wouldn't have to clean up the kitchen afterwards.  I'll think about it.  In the meantime, I'll listen to ping ping...pong ping...Pong Ping.

It's Valentine's Day.  We exchanged a few things.  I got jewelry and candy, a car wash/wax, and dinner out. He got 3 books. Luv ya, Sweetz.    

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