Monday, February 7, 2011


There's a little girl who lives around here who is really sick.  She has had some good days, but right now is in critical condition and many prayers are being said for her.  I've known her Nana for 15 years when we met at work.  A wonderful lady who I respect highly.  She's a nurse and I know she must be having a hard time knowing she can do so little. 

I remember when she came in my office with pictures of Lauren after she was born.  How proud she was of her grandchild! Then a few weeks later, she brought little Lauren in to visit me in person.  What a darling baby all wrapped in pink blankets.  Then over the years I watched her grow into a cute little girl as Nana brought her as well as her two sisters in to visit.  We don't know why things like this happen, but I can only trust God for His care of little Lauren.  And pray for healing.

11pm:  Got back home a bit ago after having dinner with two of my friends.  It was great to sit and chat leisurely over a delicious dinner at Lone Star.  One of them had a surprise this afternoon:  A little red sports car was parked in the garage as a gift from her husband.  Now, I'd say that was a nice Valentine gift! 

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