Sunday, February 20, 2011

Butchering a Simple Trip Tik

I  ordered the trip tik from AAA for our proposed RV trip to FL.  The website asked for origination point, stops along the way, whether to avoid interstates, whether we'd be in RV with propane tank, whether to avoid tolls, whether to avoid ferries, etc.  Checked it three times before I sent it.  OK. 

Well, we got the material in the mail on Sat and lo and behold - it's totally wrong.  Everything that I wanted is not there, what I wanted to avoid is there plus the trip crisscrosses FL, it has ridiculous backtracking routes, routing us through major cities with all their snarling traffic, across a ferry, toll roads, through road construction.  Oh and to top it all off, their marked route is not even the path we wanted to take, plus returns us on the same path back home.  Good grief.  They've never messed up a trip so thoroughly before.  OK, so we'll toss it and go back to our own paper atlas/map route.  Must have been someone with either limited knowledge of the English language, who couldn't keep stops 1-10 in sequential order, or enjoyed the thought of bewildering a couple of geezers on a trip to FL.  HA.  Don't mess with a senior.  Just wait till AAA gets my email, their eyes will be burning and I'll surely get a sweet apology in a return email.  Haaaahaaa  Right.  It will be deleted before it's half read.  Into the junk file so the boss can't see someone really messed this one up. Scoop up our membership money and give us awful directions.  But I won't be silent. 

A fresh load of library books are waiting for me and my reading glasses.  Although "The Twelfth Imam" might not be read, I should though, since it's relevant to present days.

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