Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Fever

The weather has been so pretty this week.  So much warmer from those frigid winter temps we experienced.  There's no sun yet this morning, but I'm hopeful it will come.  We have some blue skies but guess a bit of cloud cover has to dissipate first. 

Sweetz started tilling our garden yesterday, but had a problem with the tiller after a few minutes so he stopped to check it out.  Seems we need a new belt(s), so he grabbed the manual and off he went to get another one.  He went to two places before he was able to get some help.  They didn't have this particular belt in stock, but would order it.  OK, so it'll come in a few days and he'll be anxious to get outdoors to complete his spring tilling job before the rain comes.  Right now the soil is dry, perfect for tilling.  But he'll have to exercise some patience to wait for the belt to arrive.  Yep, he's being quite patient, and finding other things to do while he waits.

He fixed another HUGE breakfast this morning.  He has gotten so he loves a big breakfast.  Me?  Well, give me a few animal crackers and a glass of tea and I'm fine.  Well, I ate most of my serving and it was delicious.  But I'm not sure I will need anything else to eat the rest of the day. 

Ahhhh, the sun is trying to come out.  I feel blessed.  Spring is my favorite season - a new beginning, freshness explodes, life returns, buds pop out.  My neighbor is sweeping her driveway - it's good to see her outside, one of her favorite places to be. 

I am extremely overwhelmed with the troubles in the mid-east nations.There is so much unrest in these countries and the discontent is spreading to other countries.  Seems interesting that other countries apparently are feeding off the unrest.  And in our own country - specifically Madison, Wisconsin - right now is experiencing their own unrest.  The union members are protesting since they don't think it's fair that they contribute a portion into their own retirement plan like the rest of Americans do.  The honey wagon is about to get parked and no one wants to do their part to keep it going for all involved.  I hope cool heads return to all nations, but I'm afraid it's the sign of things to come. 

On a calmer note, my piano is tuned beautifully and playing it is a pleasure.  Mr. Tune N. Fork did a superb job and I will definitely get him the next time a tuning is needed.  Spring weather, a tuned piano, a full tummy. I'll try to dwell on the better parts of this day.  A friend, John, is having surgery today for colon cancer.  My prayers and thoughts are with him today and in the days to come.    


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