Friday, January 28, 2011

Wishes For Peace

Wow, had a massive migraine headache yesterday.  At least since I stopped working, they arrive less frequently, but was hoping they would stop completely, but guess not...maybe one day.  Most of the day I spent in a dark bedroom with a pillow over my head.  I didn't take any meds for a long time, just trying to do it on my own, but that didn't work.  But I only took Advil Migraine medicine, and not my prescription pills.  One of those Rx ones would have knocked it out, but really hate to take one unless I can't do it on my own or with OTC pills. Hope it goes away completely today.  At least today I can focus my eyes. That "lightshow" is very disruptive since I can't focus on anything to read or even watch TV.  Then about an hour later, the lights cease and the pain begins. UGH. 

We had a sunny day yesterday but I couldn't stand the light, so all the curtains and drapes and miniblinds were tightly shut.  Today was predicted to be sunny too, but at the present time the sky is still overcast.  It's 37* and supposed to go up into the low 50s.  Sounds promising. 

Mom wants me to take her around a few places and grab lunch while we're out. I only have 75 pp left to read in the last book.  Would be nice if I could exchange my books at the library if I get out today. Hope I can do it in a couple of hours. 

This winter has really been a bummer, long and dreary.  I can't remember ever wanting to see spring more than I have this year.  Sweetz has been trying to convince me that taking the car to points west would be the best choice.  I'm softening. 

I didn't get out today so mom will have to run her errands alone or wait until tomorrow.  I also didn't read, but had fun in other ways around the house, especially a lot of emailing and online reading.  The temp went to 52* while I took a nap, and the skies actually opened up to be quite sunny.  My nap wasn't all that long, but it was refreshing behind my closed drapes and the headache appears to be gone.

We've watched the rolling cable news today of the unrest in Egypt.  I don't know the history of that country very well, but it is unsettling to see the protests and unrest in that area.  President Mubarak just spoke from his country and said he would step down and appoint another government.  I hope peace and stability will return to that area soon.

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