Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Flexibility

It was pretty falling, but there's no accumulation.  The air temp was above freezing, it started as rain, and then turned to snow, but the ground was too wet for it to stick.  Thank you, Lord.  I need nor want anymore snow. 

The thermometer is reading about 39*.  Too warm for the snow to stick.  

Hard to see the snow, but there's a bit between the camera and the oak tree trunk.

Sweetz and I talked a long time tonight about our planned western trip.  He eventually admitted he didn't want to take the RV b/c of several probabilities.  DRAT.  I'm not happy.  We looked at bus tours and even weighed the option of driving our car which allows more flexibility.  Drat drat drat  We have more to think and talk about. Right now, I'm down, I'm disappointed.  No smiles here.  

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