Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Possibly A New Blog

It remains really frustrating to learn that I've used all my photo Picasa space on this blog.  That's a definite bummer, so I've been thinking I'll do what some bloggers have done - and that's to have another blog.  A solution could be the same name with the addition of 2011.  Sounds like a feasible solution to an irritating situation.  Something to think about.  Yes, I'll jumble that over in my mind.

I called mom this morning and she was all stuffed up and coughing.  It was difficult to withstand the coughing into my ear but like the wonderful daughter I am, it was manageable with a little phonaerobics.  In/out...in/out.  And yes, I survived without a split ear drum or hearing loss.

Since I figured she would be cabinbound for a few days, I went to Wal-Mart and bought her soup, crackers, bananas, tangelos, candy bar, OJ, cough drops, tissues, and cold remedy. That should hold her down for a day or two.  I took them to her door but wouldn't go in. Being the intelligent practical woman that I am, my healthy self wasn't going into her house today!  I handed her the bags and then backed away.  I talked to another friend today and she has a bad cold too, so I'm going to keep my distance and hopefully my health.  Those nasty viruses, sinus infections, sore throats, coughing, sputtering miserable conditions are not calling my name.  I'm retired - not dumb. 

I got a call from another friend who wants to get together at a gun range to practice.  It's been awhile since I've practiced, so really need to be sure I can hit the center of my target or at least close to it.  It sounds like a better idea to be explaining to a deputy why someone is dead on my floor instead of the vicious details of an intruder experience.  If I can help it, it won't be me going horizontal.  Gun ownership is my constitutional right - and protection is the name of the game.

The price of gas today was $2.999/gal at WallyWorld which might put a pinch in our WesternHo plans if it continues to rise.  Yipes, I hope not.  Perhaps we could hitch our camper to a team of horses...

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