Sunday, January 16, 2011

Driving Some Country Back Roads

Today, Sweetz and I went to the church our friends attend. 

We hadn't told them so it was a nice surprise.  We enjoyed the music and the sermon was inspiring. 

For lunch we all headed down some country back roads to get to Greensboro and ate at K&W Cafeteria.

Yummmy, it was all delicious.  Since Sweetz doesn't favor lima beans nor sweet potato anything, it was my thrill that tiny baby limas were on the vegetable line today.  And what did my eyes lock on after I ordered that? ...yam souffle.  Wow, both in the same meal!  I ate every bite and they were both delicious.  I couldn't have made them any better if I tried all day.  

We sat around and talked till after 3pm - so we really made a day of it.  It's always nice to join friends whenever we can.  When a great meal is combined with some table chat, then it's memorable. 

I got on FB this evening and chatted with a friend for awhile.  Seems I've done my fair share of chatting today.  She was telling me about a truck that comes to our area and sells citrus fruit from Florida.  They will be in our town the 19th, so I put that on my calendar.  It will be great to have a bag of tangerines and oranges to munch on these
cold winter days.
Never heard of honey bells, but since she recommended them,
 I'll get some of those too.

My latest book is another Danielle Steel novel.  This one is good, so I think I'll close this and find my reading glasses and a comfy chair to see what Jeremiah is doing.

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