Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Day Around Town

Whoopee, it was good to get out of the house today.  Friends warned me about black ice but it had melted by the time mom and I headed out about 11am.  Sweetz fixed another big breakfast early this morning.  Wow, I could get spoiled at this rate. 

Mom's getting over a cold and doing so much better so we decided it was a great day (although the weather wasn't great) to jump in the car and find something interesting to do.  The snow was just about gone in front of her house today.  


First stop: lunch at a Japanese restaurant.  I love their hibachi meals, but tend to enjoy their white sauce a bit too much.  I'm sure it's full of unhealthy ingredients. So, why can't I leave it alone?  I chose both the soup as my side and hot tea to keep me warm.  The other side choice is salad but I'll choose that when the weather is warmer.  

After a leisurely lunch, we made a couple of stops and I was able to cross a few things off my list.  We ended up at Dollar Tree and I got a few things that will put my life in the pink (Valentine pink, that is).

No day out is complete without driving around a bit and seeing how things are in other areas of the county.  The drive didn't provide me with anything interesting to take a picture of unfortunately.  Old buildings seemed to be the item of the day.  Nothing pretty there that grabbed my eye.  I did notice that many homeowners seemed to have messy yards with junk scattered around.  Surely that will be cleaned up when spring arrives. Let's hope.  I drove to an area where my husband used to work many moons ago - although I couldn't tell which building had housed the office.  The area has really changed.  

Both Sweetz and I are getting anxious for our extended trip.  The winter has drug along about as slowly as it possibly could.  Other areas of our country are calling our name.  Hitch itch has bitten.  Maps, websites, and RV blogs are what keep us focused as our pull-out date inches closer. 

We have made some lists of possible campgrounds, sites to see, and possible routes to get us west and back. We have a list of things to do in preparation both for an extended time away from the house and also in the RV.  I have a couple of boxes of things I always bring in the house for the winter and they ready to go back in the RV to their respective storage areas as soon as the weather breaks. Most of the remainder of the items on the lists can't be completed until the time is closer.  I bought a blank journal today to jot daily snippets of our thoughts, plans, and experiences during our travels.  Of course, I'll have a camera to capture scenes along our travels.  About all we need now is warm weather and reasonable gas price$.  In the meantime, I will see how many more library books I can read in order to keep my mind occupied for another month or so.  Time drags on...but I can click off each day by looking at my 2011 calendar printed with my very own pictures.  Hopefully, next year's calendar will include western US pictures.

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