Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Day Trip to Winston-Salem

Sweetz and I went to Winston-Salem for the day. It sprinkled for a few minutes just as we passed the downtown cityscape. 

He had to meet a couple of people so I went along for the ride.  We spent some of our together time talking about our western trip.  I noticed he's concerned how the rising gas prices might affect our plans.  We might have to shorten the time, the distance, or change the mode.  Things will work out but first I'll spend a bit more time comparing Plan A with B and C.

We had lunch at Little Richard's BBQ restaurant. 

It was rustic and everyone was so friendly.  They also served the best BBQ I think I've ever eaten.  I'd love to go back if we're ever in that area. 

As we were driving along a street, I captured a picture
of a walking Statue of Liberty. 

You never know what you'll see in a city.

Or maybe this is the norm - and we just need to get out more...

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