Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shoveling Job

Oh my, do I have some sore muscles!  I ache from head to toe.  No, it's not the flu, it's PTSS:  post traumatic shoveling syndrome.  I saw mom's driveway hadn't melted away like I had hoped.  She is sick with bad cold so she wasn't going out.  I did a bit of math and decided I could probably time her driveway to clear itself by the time she wanted/needed to venture out.  Nope, didn't work that way.  

Mom was invited out to lunch today and accepted!!  Really, you say?  Yep, she should have stayed in, but she away she went anyway. Not sure how many people have been blessed with her free germ giveaway.  

She was picked up - so while she was gone I spent 2 hours shoveling her drive.  At least the driveway was nice and clear when they returned.  And me?  I was huffing and puffing at home on my sofa, hoping I would live to see the sun set.  I'm in need of a couple of Advil or some such but since I try to leave the pill bottles alone, I will see if I can outlast the aches. 

But aren't I just the best daughter?  At least I should die with no regrets.  I nearly slipped 3 times, so it wasn't a perfect job like I prefer, but decided to quit before I broke a bone.  Oh, and I sprayed WD40 on my shovel blade so snow/ice slides right off the blade.  Guess I got my cardio workout today!    

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