Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's My Turn Again

This morning Sweetz and I headed up the road to meet the Florida citrus truck.  Not much to interest us on the truck today plus we nearly flipped when we saw the prices.  Nope, don't care for fruit enough to pay those prices.  The fruit was only sold in 3/4 bushel boxes and we couldn't understand why they didn't sell some in a bag containing maybe a dozen. 

We drove around a bit and discussed different things that had happened here and there during our lives in this area. We ate lunch at a local diner, then ended the afternoon - where else? -Wal-Mart.  And no, we didn't buy any citrus fruit.  Actually, the fridge fruit drawer is stuffed to the gills as it is.

Today UPS delivered a new modem from our internet provider.  They wrote about a week ago that it was time for a new one, didn't seem like it has been that long that we replaced it, but I'll hook it up one day soon. 

Sweetz heated up the rest of the spaghetti he made the other day and we finished it off along with some toasted Italian bread slices.  Yum, made a delicious meal.  Guess it looks like I will have to be the chef du jour tomorrow.  He made veggie/beef soup then spaghetti, so now it's my turn.  There's a ham in the fridge so that will probably be my pivot point. 

I'm trying my hand at making a wreath from an idea I saw on a crafting blog the other day.  I bought a wreath and have covered it with torn strips of fabric.  Next, I'll see if I can make a few fabric flowers to hot glue in bunches on it. Then tuck in a bow. Wonder if mine will look as good at the one I saw online?

I've begun another book.  This one is the first one I've ever read by Dean Koontz, named The Husband.  Wow, a man's wife has been kidnapped and they are demanding a cool $2M in two days.  He doesn't have much money so where will he get that kind of cash!  Excuse me, but I need to get back to see if I can help Mitch figure out a strategy to save his wife. 

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