Friday, January 7, 2011

Continuing Education

Today I had lunch with a good friend that I used to work with.  She's still there...I'm free.  There's a big difference in our ages, but she's like the daughter I never had.  We talked, we laughed, we see things so similarly.  She went back to school as an adult and just graduated with her Bachelor's degree.  I'm proud of her and all her hard work.  She's a full time employee, a wife, a mother, and now has completed her degree.  I'm so proud of her! 

When I got home, Sweetz wanted to do a bit of shopping - sounds like his gift cards were beginning to burn a hole in his wallet.  We drove into VA and topped off my gas tank with some "cheaper" gas than NC and while there we roamed the aisles of Sams with a great big buggy.  I can remember when we used much smaller buggies and somehow their size was sufficient to meet almost all our needs.  No longer.  For some reason we must require the use of a HUGE buggy.  Surely the stores are using psychology to convince us that we need to fill all the empty space in a buggy each trip to their store. After all, that's more money for them. Nope, aint gonna work. I get what I need and at the checkout the buggy is usually fairly empty.  So much for trying to play with my brain.  After all, not much fools us geezers. 

We spent some time in the tech aisle.  Our phone contract has expired so we are checking out the attributes of new phones.  As a Verizon customer, we are leaning toward the Droid which has capability of internet which would be an asset when we travel.  Even Sweetz seemed to be in agreement.  Guess all those hours of each vacation and camping trip waiting at a public library while I emailed and surfed the net helped convince him that this is now needed.  After all, a happy wife is a requirement for happy camping.  I took an info guide describing plans and pricing to study a bit farther.  Since there was no one manning the kiosk, I'll have to do a bit of personal info digging.  Also, I plan to re-read what the Geeks on Tour have written about internet access/Droids/cell phones while traveling.  I've learned alot from them in the past and their blogs continue to be full of helpful information. 

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