Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mops and Brooms and Dust Pans

It's a weekend - but did I notice?  hehe.  Not really.  One day generally fades into another, although I do prefer to stay home on Saturdays in order to allow the worker bees time to run their errands and get off the road.  They usually have only the weekend to get everything done, so I relax at home and let them own the roads.  Monday I can wander the roads once again. 

I see on the weather forecast that mid week we could have another wintry advisory.  Oh yeah, better get to the library and get another batch of reading material to hold me through any white accumulation.  And bad weather could merit some time stirring a soup pot. 

Today I did some housecleaning.  Since it's just Sweetz and myself living here, things stay fairly clean but today was the day to clean the the bathrooms, dust, and damp mop the hardwood floors.  Yippee, with those jobs done, it was time to play - the piano, that is.

I made a delicious supper - ham and provolone pininni.  I threw in some tomatoes, sliced olives, onion bits, tomato slices, and Dijon mustard.  In less time that it takes to type about it, they were done to their golden goodness - with the help of George F that is.  With a few chips on the side, it was a great way to end the eating frenzy for the day.  The kitchen is again clean and I'm on my own for a few hours.

Time to read.  I started another book today - my second novel by David Baldacci.  This one takes place in Wash DC and Northern VA.  Since I lived there a while back, reading about the government buildings and the structures in that city, it grabbed my attention real fast. After all, that's where the Mr. and I met, dated, and got married.  Yep, right there on the same streets that the action takes place in this novel.  Small world.  

One of our orchid plants is blooming in the kitchen window.  Sure does make that section of the house perky.  Just wish the outside was just as nice.  But spring will come, soon I hope.  In the meantime, I'll read and dream of green grass and graceful blooming branches of forsythia.

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