Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Readin', Ridin', and Refreshments

I finished the book I was reading, jumped in the shower, and off I went to the library while the sun was shining to check out a few more.  These should help carry me through some cold winter days.  The books were due today plus the beautiful sunny day pulled me out and about for awhile.  I intended to run a few errands. 

At the library I ran into an old friend I used to work with 15 plus years ago.  She was a nursing supervisor and always so nice.  We chatted awhile and caught up with what we were both doing now.  She's still working and I...well, I QUIT.  I'm sure she didn't miss the grin wrapped across my face. 

Then on to the second stop: a BBQ diner for a quick tray.  As I stepped inside to look for a booth where I could read, a couple I used to know flagged me down and invited me to sit with them.  The next two hours blew by in a flash.  It's great to see old friends and chat awhile.

About a mile away from our house, there's a family farm which always captivates me when I pass.  At one point after we moved here, the owners grew and sold corn and other vegetables to the public.  Then they tried strawberries.  Ahhh, it was so accessible living this close to some of the county's choice strawberries.  Big beautiful bounty of clean luscious strawberries.  But as I drove by one crisp fall day, a tractor was plowing the strawberry plants under.  I eventually located other area farms but I still fondly remember this one.  Especially today. 

I drove out of my way just to see the area before heading home.  The late afternoon lighting wasn't the best but the scene, as usual, caught my attention.  Going the opposite direction allows a more picturesque view of the farm including several barns and other buildings.  But this is the view that was most accessible to me from the driver's window.  It's on a curve and not an practical place to stop dead in the road to take a picture - but I did.  Because a picture HAD to be taken. Today was that day. And no car ran into me.  Whew! 

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