Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Captivating Reading

What a nice day!  One of those when you know things are going ok and you're in your comfort zone.  And for me in this phase, that means it's pretty much whatever I want to do.  So, I cooked, I washed dishes (yes those can be comfortable as long as they are experienced in small snippets), a bit of this and some of that, a few phone calls, a few emails, a few chapters, and a bit of TV news. 

We ended up getting approximately 2 inches of snow, topped with a glazing of ice.  Not bad when compared to higher amounts in other areas, some which seldom even have amounts sufficient to measure.  Our roads are plowed and with the sun tomorrow, I'll be able to get out and head to the library to return my books.  The library was closed today, but guess they will be open tomorrow, their due date. 

I've read four of six library books (read a chapter in the fifth one that wasn't worth the effort of turning another page - which author should be fined and never allowed to hold another pencil) and am now in the sixth one which I saved till last.  Great book by David Baldacci.  It begins with a rendition of sex, power, and gruesome murder while the remainder of the book winds its way around The White House, powerful legal corporations, law enforcement, comfortable billionaires, and the search for truth.  This book reminds me of John Grisham's The Client. Non-stop suspense as I try to outwit the events.  The book is due back at the library tomorrow so I still have over a 100 pages to read tonight and in the morning.  That shouldn't be difficult since the book continually draws me.  The house is relatively quiet, the katz are snoozing, and MainMan is hunkered down in front of a computer hunting game. Time for me to continue on to chapter twenty-two.   

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