Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pseudospring Day

It certainly was a pretty day, one that ALMOST could put me in a spring mood.  But I know better than to trust the January thaw days, only to be hit across the head with another arctic blast. 

Today, I remembered my friend, Jean, in NJ, snips early branches of forsythia to force to bloom indoors, so I traipsed outdoors through the wet slushy yard in my bedroom shoes to snip a few long branches.  It might be too early, but if so, then I'll snip a few more.  They will be so pretty when they release a hint of spring indoors. 

When I quit my job last May, the Nursing Team gave me money.  All this time, I couldn't think of anything to spend it on.  But today in a jewelry store....I saw a beautiful silver, gold, and diamond necklace.  It had my name written all over it ... so today it's mine.  Might wear it to church tomorrow.

Mom and I went to Sagebrush for lunch today before we ran errands.  I had terriyaki chicken which was fixed to perfection.  Yum.  

And Leslie was an excellent waitress who moved even further up the scale when she presented us with a coupon for some $$ off our next meal. Sure, we'll go back. 


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