Saturday, November 10, 2012


We've had a couple of beautiful days here, such gorgeous weather to be enjoying the outdoors and God's beauty.  Nothing much prettier than an autumn scene.

Yesterday, the Sweetz Guy and I went to the big city to do a bit of Christmas shopping.  The top of the list held the names of the grandchildren.  There will be five in and out during Thanksgiving week so we thought we'd attack that list in earnest first.  So, off we went to conquer that job.  And conquer we did.  One day soon I need to wrap and label each gift and then we'll be able to cross that item off the to-do list.

Sweetzy wanted to check out a few more places so after a nice lunch at Golden Corral, we headed back out to the stores.  It was a Friday and there were hordes of people shopping.  When we were chased out of the last store at their 5:30 closing time, the roads were jam-packed with workerbees heading home for a sweet weekend. 

Today, I went down to mom's and did a bit of cleaning in her house.  That included some straightening, organizing, mopping, storing, etc. but she really seemed to appreciate the help.  She still isn't feeling great so I was happy to help.  We treated ourselves to lunch out including a wonderful time of mother/daughter chatting. 



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