Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Hour Gained

I have a bunch of blogs that I read routinely.  One author in tonight's readings referred to South Dakota...and yipppppeeee, I can understand that now...since I've been there.  Many bloggers include photos and I never could understand some of them - but those midwestern scenes make sense now.  Yep, I'm stood in some of those same areas.  Now, I'm noticing RV bloggers are moving south and west.  Haven't been in the SW states yet.  Zion sounds like a neat place to visit.  Maybe one day...

For the past couple of days I have been trying to spend time writing notes next to the photos in my mid-western trip album before I forget some of the details.  Whew, what a job, but I'm making progress, making it nearly to the 1/3 mark today!! 

Our church services this morning and tonight were great.  We had a church-wide prayer for the upcoming election in the evening service, which was very moving.  I feel this is the most important election in our country's history.  So Wednesday morning, I will either be pleased or depressed.  48 hours til the tallying begins.  If the weather would be cooperative, this week would be wonderful to enjoy at a campground deep in the woods, beside a lake, listening to the evening night sounds while contemplating life as we sit beside a fit pit.   Ahhhhh, one can dream. But I don't think the weather will cooperate this week, but hopefully we can get out one more time before the frost kisses the windshield. 

The time changed...don't care a whip about that since my biological clock takes quite a while to adjust.  But it's a small thing and I shall not make a big deal out of it.  I just need to visit all the rooms to recalibrate the hour on each clock.  I'm blessed to have a house and clocks and feet that allow me freedom of movement.  So many have less than that.  Yes, I am blessed.  

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