Sunday, November 11, 2012


We had such a beautiful day today, lovely to see such gorgeous fall foliage.  Even though the color is on the back side, it's still pretty.  Won't be long before there are just a few oak leaves left dangling in the wind, some of which won't drop till spring, but most trees will have naked branches outstretched to the skies.  And they will be daily reminders that we are looking forward to another spring with new beginnings.

Our church services were good, both morning and night.  The pastor had the sermon this morning, but tonight we had a visiting minister, a young guy who already had a great knowledge of the Bible.

We met our friends P/W for lunch, the first time in a month.  W is progressing steadily 6 weeks post bypass surgery but we were thrilled to see him out and about today.  He begins cardiac rehab tomorrow, 3 times a week for 13 weeks.  He'll be a new man soon. 

Sweetz has his biopsy Tuesday.  We stopped at W/M for a few essentials he needed and we'll be looking forward hopefully to a clean result.  Definitely something to pray about.

I wrapped the grandkids' gifts today and they look festive.  Seems odd to see Christmas wrapping paper two weeks before Thanksgiving though.  Nearly time to be studying the ads to see where to buy a couple of turkeys at a good price - seems I am the designated turkey baker again this year.  One family member is borderline diabetic so I could use that opportunity to prepare some  healthier food choices.  That would gel nicely with my quest for losing weight and healthier lifestyle.  I'm trying to come up with a cute name for this new healthy lifestyle that includes getting my weight back into a safer range.  Any ideas readers?  Today I thought of LifeRite. 


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