Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Bird in Hand

Ol' Tom is chilling in the fridge.  Aint said nary a word since I brought him home, so his new digs must be just to his liking.  I'm thinking that he will be thawed thoroughly by Mon (Tues at the latest) and I'll get him in the oven early in the day.  Mom has an appointment for followup with the doc about her UTI one day next week but forgot which day.  I'd like to take her and give her as much freedom from thinking and driving and walking, etc.  She still isn't feeling very well, really hate to see that too.  Still praying that she gets to feeling better, don't like to see her so low physically.  Then Tuesday is my better half's return appointment to the doc to find out the test results from his multiple prostate biopsies.  Seems someone needs to stay well to take care of the other two.   

I got a nice Thanksgiving card with a note from my sister-in-law.  She still doesn't email, message, read blogs, or "do" Face Book, and I still don't write letters anymore so we are at an impasse.  Just think what she could learn and keep up with if she'd get on her home computer and join the world in Cyberville.  I keep hoping...  Her birthday is the 25th...I need to send a card.  Surely I can add a typed note inside.  Yep, I can do that! That's a win-win I'd say.

This evening I received a message from Seldom C. Son #1 who is in town staying at his MIL's house.  He wrote that they would attend church with us tomorrow.  Could have blown me over with a feather.  Blessings come in all different sizes and shapes and I'll take the crumbs I am given. 

I took mom shopping today to work on some more of her Christmas chores.  She had a list for today's errands so off we went.  Knowing that she is not feeling up to par, I decided I would drive and let her rest.  We got all the gifts that she needed from today's list and she said she had plenty of wrapping supplies at home.  We somehow were able to fit in lunch at a great diner and then afterward we conveniently squeezed in a treat at Wendy's.  Since I'm on my LifeSmart program, I had most of a Jr. burger and a Coke which nearly finished up my allowable calories for the day.  I noticed tonight that my WebMD healthy eating program is politely reminding me that I have not exercised.  I've been very  polite at ignoring it... But since my weight loss is on a plateau - and I don't relish staying on this plateau very long - definite plans are forming to hightail it downstairs next week to the hubby's man cave and dust off the treadmill. Yes, well wonders never cease!  I also have a few hand weights need to find them and get with the program. Have weight - will exercise.  Need to make myself a sign!  Now, just how many colories do I need to burn to be a good LifeSmarty?  I know, I know, read the website - yep, it has surely mentioned it each time I get on that site.  Now, if I could figure out how to balance this laptop on the front of the treadmill so I could browse the WWW as I walk the miles.  Then I need longer arms to reach the keys.  Maybe it would be safer if I just watch a bit of TV!       

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