Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some Winter Prep

Life goes on - things don't always work out perfectly, but we have to rise above disappointments and bad times to make the most of what we are given.  Such is the new mantra of the household.  There will be new plans, new goals, and new methods.  And with that will be lots of soul-searching and awareness.  Each day that we are given breath, we will put one foot in front of the other and continue.  But soon it will be difficult to not say, "I told you so!" 

Sweetz is still having high PSA readings, so he has been scheduled for a prostate biopsy next week.  He seems to be ok with that and I'm trying to be optimistic. 

My right knee is still giving me problems, think it is swollen also, and I favor it alot.  Motrin and Aleve are my BFF these days.  Might have to end up seeing an orthopaedist to check it out to make sure there are no serious problems below the skin.  Sigh. 

The stock market suffered a nose-dive yesterday so it will be interesting to see what happens with that situation.  With banks and credit unions paying minuscule interest on accounts, Americans will need to figure out other places to invest.  This "fiscal cliff" that the financial experts are finally talking about now that the election is over is serious and must be dealt with head on. 

Would be nice to have a financial expert sitting next to me advising the best steps to take but that won't happen here so we'll have to rely on self education.  Gotta have a boat load of money to warrant any special attention.  Europe is facing serious problems and with the global economy, we are all interlocked.  The world is changing and we will need to keep our eyes open and our brains sharp.  But I want to yell...HELP!!!  The Bible states, "Our help cometh from the Lord, who made heaven and earth".  Sounds like a promise I can lean on! 

Mom is doing a little better and I can find some relief in that situation.  Talked to Brian a long time last night after we texted back and forth all day yesterday.  In addition to some other issues, we were trying to settle some plans for the holidays.  Sounds like we will be going to their house for Thanksgiving and I'm to roast the turkey.  Since we are expecting 12 people, that probably will mean two turkeys.  Whatever.  We'll deal with it. 

We are planning to head out in a bit to do some Christmas shopping.  Not sure what to get everyone, but maybe things will magically appear before us to settle that situation.  One must just do the best we can unless people give you a wish list and I actually don't like them since there's no surprise factor in that.  But the recipient is most likely pleased that they get something they really like.  My feeling is that we can buy what we need ourselves, getting exactly what we want.  Gifts are the extra - the surprise - the kind thoughts wrapped in pretty paper.   

Our military son, Brett, will be coming in for Thanksgiving week so we'll get to see him and the family before he ships out for another stint in Afghanistan. 

I've continued on the healthy eating program - today is the one week mark and I can see some loss on the bathroom scales!  Much more to lose, so I'm trying to reprogram my brain to only desire healthy things.  Right.  And that isn't easy after so many years of letting myself go.  But there comes a time as we age that weight becomes a health issue.  Sure don't want diabetes or heart problems when a healthy weight is attainable.  

After preparing the interior of the camper yesterday, we readied it for the winter and now it is dressed in its winter coat.  Maybe I should  hang a Thanksgiving wreath on the front!  In other winter prep steps, I found a small parsley plant and a near-frost battled basil plant so repotted them to see if I can keep them indoors over the winter for occasional snipping.  If they don't make it, I won't cry.  But it's nice to have some summer in the winter.  Sure feel for the NE that's suffering yet again with a winter surprise of snow  amidst the lack of power for many.   Just goes to remind us that we need to keep emergency supplies around in case of a crisis.  Sure would miss my internet though... 

I'm heading out with mom in a few minutes so she can do a bit of grocery shopping.  I certainly don't think she is able to do that alone right now in her weakened condition.  This is something I can do to assist her and still allow her the most independence.  Ya'll be sweet now and have a great day. 

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