Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Not All Good

The news at the doc's office wasn't good, but we'll have to deal with what is presented to us.  Sweetz has a stage 6 (out of 10) prostate cancer.  There are several other biopsied samples with evidence of precancerous changes.  OK, so that means a trip to a oncology team at NCBH for eval and presentation of our best options.  Many people have had worse things to happen so we'll work with this and deal with life head on.  Sounds good - can I really DO it?  Time will tell. 

First is to get a good night's sleep and then tomorrow to bake Ol' Tom.  He's clean as a whistle chilling in the fridge.  So in the morning I'll give him a shower and prepare an herb rub and tuck an apple in his tummy. 

Oops, out of space for photos...ok, will have to fix that situation tomorrow.  Too late for me tonight.  My brain has quit and my body is ready for the horizontal position. 

More tomorrow when I'm all fresh and refreshed...well, it sounds good...

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