Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Holiday Squeeze Begins

This morning I went with mom to a doc appointment.  She has yet to regain her strength from the bad urinary tract infection.  She's taken all but the last day of her antibiotics so hopefully she will begin to feel better. Of course, with me driving she can sit and relax more and I'm glad to be able to do it. 

After her appointment, we ate at a local Japanese restaurant, sure was good.  Interesting that there was only one other customer in this small restaurant while we were there, but they seemed to have some take out orders.  Hope they don't bite the dust in this Obama economy.  There was only one waitress, one cook, and one manager/checkout guy.  Seems they could get by with only two people to save money and they may have to resort to even fewer employees soon.  Shoot, one person could have done all the work!

Mom and I moved around town some getting some loose ends tightened and ended up at Dollar Tree.  I picked up a few things - that's a neat place for seemingly getting something for a few buck$.  Most items are probably made in China so I try to avoid that place so as not to hurt American businesses. 

After I arrived home, I've spent the rest of my hours working on some craft projects.  They are usually fun during the holidays and this year is no exception.  With my generous lunch portion, I really wasn't hungry so it was nice I didn't have to cook supper.  Nothing is complete yet, but have a head start. 

Sweetz is doing well following his procedure yesterday.  He followed the postop instructions perfectly and knew to the minute when he would be permitted to resume fairly normal activities.  He was piddling in the garden before I left today.  I reminded him not to overdo and he said he would be careful but was only doing light cleanup. We had a light frost here last night so he wanted to do a bit of garden tidying to get it ready for winter.  He picked the rest of the tomatoes - all green or barely pink.  Many will ripen in the house.  Guess I could make some fried green tomatoes with the green ones...but alas that is NOT ALLOWED on my self-proclaimed LifeRite program.  Sure they are, but just in moderation with other calorie-saving dishes to keep things in check.  The other challenge would be to know HOW to make them - never fixed these before but this could be the year to learn something new.  Anyway...there's always the internet to search for a recipe! 

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