Friday, November 16, 2012

Attempting to Be Prepared

Sweetz and I decided today was a good day to buy the Thanksgiving turkey.  And he's a beauty - well, I think it's a he - aren't edible turkeys usually a Tom?  Can't ask him because the cat has his tongue.  He's thawing in the fridge - and I hope to have him baked at least by Wednesday and sliced well ahead of the big meal on Thursday.  We are going to Brian's for the family gathering.  Brett and his family are meeting us there so we'll have 12 eaters this year.  I decided I'd get the biggest turkey I could find so everyone will have enough. And I hope to take lots of pictures.  Noooo, not of the turkey...of the family.  We haven't been together in several years so this will be a day to remember. 

We ate lunch with Cecil and June today and it was nice to catch up with their news.  They took a similar trip to the midwest a few years ago so asked us a zillion questions about our recent trip.  They saw most of the same places we did. 

We met mom at Wal-Mart today so we could help her pick out some of her Christmas gifts.  She wasn't feeling great but it still was nice to see her out and about.  At one point she began to feel lightheaded and weak so went to the front of the store and ate a sub and Coke at Subway.  She perked up a bit after that.  Not much, but some.

I took pictures the other day of my painted angels project.  I bought these wooden ornaments at JoAnn's last Christmas and never got them done.  But here they are since one of my readers wanted to see pictures.

Each of the angels differs with a variation in dress and hair color.  Never saw an angel so decided to give them a bit of color rather than the traditional white.   

I also painted a few alpha blocks to kinda/sorta match the ones I have.  Thought if I had extra letters I could spell out appropriate words throughout the year.  I now have the letters for "THANKS".  Hopefully soon I can finish the remaining two letters for "GIVE".   Yes, yes, it's on my to-do list...somewhere between bake the turkey and wrap the Christmas gifts. Here's a shot of a blank block, one with the border painted, one of the original ones I'm using as a pattern.  

Ummm, Ms. Sweetz, you didn't take a picture of the completed letters...Duh... 

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