Saturday, November 3, 2012

Satisfying Saturday

When I talked to mom this morning she wasn't feeling very well, said she ached all over - and thought it was caused by some excess bending and stooping as we put the two shelving units together.  She didn't want me to go down, but I made a big pot of soup and took some to her house.  Her TV was on, but she didn't answer the door, so I left a container of my soup on a chair next to the door.  She hasn't called to tell me thanks yet - so I think I'll call her in a bit to check on her.  She probably was napping in her recliner in front of the TV and now is probably chatting with a friend on the phone.  At least she's happy.  But I'd feel better knowing she was ok...and that she loved my soup!   

I actually washed the car this afternoon!  It was past the day's high temp, but still it was a job that desperately needed to be done.  I thought it would be a 20-minute job, but turned out to be nearly an hour.  There was lots of mid-west dirt, coal dust, and bugs.  But that is all off now and darling Suzee looks so much better. And probably weighs 50 pounds lighter too.  I started out with a bucket of fairly warm soapy water but it chilled quickly, but still I worked and scrubbed and sprayed.  I should get a raise in my next check... I drove her around some country roads to get the excess water off and to partially dry her.  And I think it worked fairly well.  Definitely a job that was long overdue.

I did some home chores today, still not enough of the ordinary duties though, but one day next week I really need to hunker down and get some cleaning done. It's gotten to the place that I don't even like my housecleaning status and I'm pretty lenient, and if truth be told, getting more tolerate of my own inadequacies.  I did do some of those extra cleaning chores today though - you know, like  cleaning the ceiling fan.  I also harvested what will probably be my last clippings of thyme and chives which are now drying.  It's so hard to let them go but the weather won't hold out much longer for another harvest.  Sigh.  I do love my herbs! Makes any dish taste soooooo much better.    

Sweetz and I had a couple of bowls of soup for supper.  Talk about good!!!  It was delicious.  And there's some left over for a future meal.  Should I keep it handy in the fridge or freeze it for later?  Makes me think of the millions of people in the NE without power.  Hopefully, they have gas logs, fireplace, a generator, or at least an outdoor grill.   

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