Monday, November 12, 2012

Looks Like Rain

The weatherman predicted cloudy weather today with precipitation to begin about 2am.  Right.  Well, the day started sunny, went downhill to cloudy within an hour and has been lightly sprinkling throughout the day.  Guess the predicted front moved through faster than Mr. Weatherman predicted.  Whatever, we need every drop.  I was reading some of my favorite FT RV traveler blogs last night and enjoying the attached photos.  Wagonteamster just completed four days of travel through Mojave Desert in southern California.  Wow, those pictures show not one tree.  At least in the northern midwest where we traveled just a few weeks ago, there was an occasional tree.  Well, maybe there was a tree there in the Mojave Desert too, but it wasn't evident in the photos.  It was perfectly clear that it was a stark, barren land except near the aqueduct. 

I visited with mom this morning and it was quickly evident she looked as though she was feeling just a bit better.  As the clock hands stretched toward noon, we decided we'd head out for some lunch. We ended up at a BBQ diner and sat in the drive-through because mom didn't feel up to going in today.  Yummy yummy yummy BBQ.  On the way home, I stopped in Walgreens and bought some fish oil caplets in hopes they help to loosen some of my joints. They are HUGE!!!  Getting old isn't for wimps!  

OK, I'm off to dust and exchange the dust collectors that are now sitting around - with a few Thanksgiving decorations.  If I wait much longer, we will be into the Christmas season.  And if I wait even longer, I won't have to put anything out!!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm off to do the holiday decoration dance.  Maybe after the decorations are sitting about, no one will notice my windows are dirty.  Yep, there's a method to my madness...and my friends there know me.    

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