Monday, November 19, 2012

Bag It Up!

We did a bit of running around this morning.  First stop was to see our medical insurance guy.  Wanted to check out a few changes so we decided on that and then sat and talked to him until his next client arrived.  We were warned that the premiums would increase - nothing like being forewarned that we would be $queezed in the next year.

Another stop was to get a few things we needed, one of which was some of those big drawstring bags to put large gifts in.  The check-out clerk teased us that we were planning to put a new bike in each one for the grandchildren!  Told her they didn't want a bike but preferred an iPhone or iPad or gaming system. I believe we'll let the families get those things themselves. You think Santa could fit our new flat screen TV in one of them!!!!  :) 

I'm excited to report that I've lost 8 pounds as of this morning!!!  Talk about smiling!!  :)  :)  Sure want to be able to keep this up. Beginning today I'm SERIOUSLY considering spending some time on the treadmill.  Well, does that mean I have to turn it on???? 


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