Monday, April 30, 2012

A New Addition

I picked up the mini computer today and played with it some this afternoon.  Everything that I tried works so far except I couldn't get on the internet.  There was always a pop up message that stopped the process.  When I got home I finally got on manually by bypassing the computer to go directly via the router.  So, I finally got on the internet and read a few websites.  As time passes, I'll use it a bit more and who knows, maybe Sweetz will finally get interested in the internet. Yeah, right.  

Today I had lunch with Tanya, a friend from where I used to work.  I picked her up and off we went to a local restaurant to enjoy some good food and catch-up time.  Another employee arrived the same time so sat with us and we enjoyed some serious and fun conversation.  While out I saw another former co-worker who is making plans to retire so I heard her news and plans for the future. 

Not sure what we're doing tomorrow, but hopefully it will be relaxing and fun. I can hear thunder coming closer, so looks like we will be experiencing a thunder boomer kind of night.  Yawn yawn...I need to be heading to bed.  First, the toothbrush and jams, then one final yawn upon the pillow.  ZZZZZZs are acoming.  Hope the storm is a quiet one, so I can sleep...  

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