Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hiding Places

Today ran through the hours on the clock faster than I could see the second hand move.  zip zip zip.  That's ok, I like days faster than I do the slow ones.  What am I saying!!! Days are never slow - at least for the past two years.  Awesome!  And as the youth say "Epic!" 

I helped a neighbor today and she gave me some of her cookies in exchange.  You don't do things for rewards but it was nice of her to thank me.  I'm doing low carb though, so Sweetz will be the one to eat them.  DRAT.  I may have to hide them in the freezer - especially in a lima beans carton - that way he'll never open them!!! 

Seems when I added up my calories for today, I haven't eaten enough.  I mean it's LOW.  OK, decided to head to the kitchen and fix some sausage and eggs since I knew I was hungry.  Isn't it nice to find out that you need to EAT!! 

My little basil plants survived our trip to the beach last week, in fact they are doing great.  So, today I decided they were big enough to plant in separate little pots.  That way, I can transplant them into the garden or herb garden when they get a bit larger.  Thought they were too small to do it today.  I did transplant two into a planter just to have them close for easy snipping.  I still have 10 more plants which I started from seeds late this winter.  They must have been blessed by the Master Gardener to be doing this well from seeds. 

OK, my sausage is getting brown and my stomach is still growling. Time for my little snack to hold me down til breakfast.  Have a good one.   

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