Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dancing Cursors

Sweetz said something funny last night and I started laughing... only thing complicating that was that I had a mouthful of tea and my laptop was sitting in front of me.  NOT a good combination.  I spewed tea over the laptop keyboard and screen.  Oh dear.  But I grabbed my cloth placemat and dried up what I could see, then  took a damp washcloth and got up the rest.  Dear, dear, dear.  When I tried to resume my typing, the cursor was dancing all over.  A dancing cursor could be entertaining except in this instance I was no longer smiling.  I predicted there was a drop of tea under the cursor pad which was the problem.  After doing what I could using keystrokes, I decided to turn the laptop off and pray that drying out overnight would do the trick.  Yep, that did it.  I'm back in business this morning, cursor pad and all.  It would be great if all problems could be solved with nothing but time.

The weather guy has predicted some much-needed showers for us this week.  And the Lord knows we need some as our ground is drying out quickly with our recent sunny warm days.  Sweetz has our rain barrel hooked up and it fills up with the first 1/4 inch of rain.  Guess how much is predicted today?  Yep, 1/4 inch.  But hopefully, we'll get more for all the growing things.  We use the rain barrel water to water plants in the yard and garden between showers.  Nope, it isn't enough, but a little here and there works wonders.  Ummmm, maybe we should get a second (or third) rain barrel. 

I had lunch with a friend yesterday and it was good to catch up on her news.  Haven't seen her in months.  Then today, I'm having lunch with another friend from my old working days.  Then tomorrow Sweetz and I plan to attend a luncheon given by our  investment advisor.  I receive emails and calls from Kathy and she's always so upbeat with positive comments about the country's financial future.  (Insert laughter here)  I actually don't share her cheery outlook, but after all, that's her business to keep her clients hopeful and our money safely in her clutches.  We have a friend who is a financial advisor who has asked us several times about transferring our money to her company to allow her to oversee our senior years.  At least we have other options. 

I'm generally a conservative investor but had a moment a few months ago to test the stock waters on my own.  So, I withdrew some savings and invested it in a company I had been watching slowly grow.  And guess what?  The stock price started growing rapidly.  Then a couple of months later I sold my shares making a tidy profit.  Now, we're talking!  I put both the principal and profit back into my account and might try that again.  E-Traders, watch out!  There's a new kid on the block!! 

Today is trash day, so I need to get moving to get my container out to the road. And there's always a book to read.  Oh, speaking of reading, I finished the first book Pat loaned me which was really good.  And I'm deep into book #2, which has not been as pleasant to read.  This dear family has women with deep-seated mother/daughter issues which continue to the next generations (four at this time).  But there are lessons to be learned and I'm hoping before the end of this second book that these mothers are able to see solutions.  Either that, or I'll have to write book #3! 

We've had a beautiful day here, all sunny and warm, but then clouds rolled in quickly about 5pm and they have remained except there's no rain.  The temp has dropped but that's a good thing, it's very pleasant at the moment. We decided to forgo supper and have strawberry shortcake instead.  Oh, oh, oh, soooooo delicious.  Fresh strawberries over shortcake with a touch of  whipped topping - works better than supper anytime! Sorry, no pictures...was eating too fast.  Yum yum

pale pink columbine
clematis: diameter about 8 inches
BIG bug - wonder if it bites? 


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