Saturday, April 14, 2012

Turning Pages

A friend loaned me two books about two weeks ago, but I was deep into my own library-borrowed books to start hers.  Well, time moved on and my library books were due Friday, so off I zoomed to the place of tomes.  There was a great parking spot right in front so I claimed it then headed toward the library doors.  As an avid reader, I wanted to turn them in and refill my bag.  There's something about libraries and the smell of dusty books that hold allure.  But, I knew I needed to read these two books first. So, before I could head to the stacks, I made it out the doors before I could choose more books.  

These two books are large ones too and I don't know how many others are in the series.  The first novel has 483 pages and then there are notes and pictures that follow which aren't counted in my page number.  I just decided to check the book to see if there was a clue if there were other books in this series...and sure enough, the second book is the conclusion!!  That's good that I don't have to search for book #3 somewhere.  And it's delightful that there's a conclusion. 

So, yesterday I reluctantly picked up the nondescript book.  You know, books should have a cover that grab your interest immediately so you will have a burning desire to begin reading.  This one lacks a catchy cover so interest wasn't great to start chapter one.  It was almost like I HAD to read it to please my friend.  I'll be seeing her tomorrow and sure as shooting she will ask me if I've started the first book. 

Well, I'm well into the second half now and it's nearly all I can do to put it down.  Pat said it was good, but I haven't wanted to do anything constructive for two days.  My dear hubby gives me that pitiful look as I read and out of the corner of my eye I see him checking the fridge and cabinets for signs of a meal.  It's at this point, I quietly sigh and put down the book to quickly try to come up with an easy-fix I can get back to my reading.  Summer will be here soon and I will be up to my elbows in veggies so I think I am due some free time at this point.  I think I could say I need to rest up to conserve my energy for the fresh vegetable stage. HAHA  Not sure Sweetz sees it that way, but he doesn't say anything. 

Thank heaven, I have an understanding husband.  He knows that I am the Mistress of the House and just as importantly, someone who loves to read. 

And how am I coping with being away from my book right now????  Let's just say it is "difficult".  Excuse me while I go grab my book...



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