Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Corn And Chicken

I've been chatting with mom on the phone this morning.  She had watched Paula Deen on TV yesterday and wanted me to find a couple of the recipes online.  So, while she was on the phone with me, I found them. (Gotta love the speaker phone option!) She wanted the chicken recipe and also one for corn spoon bread.  I printed out copies of both for her and decided while in the printing mode, I'd print myself a set of the recipes too.  Not sure that corn spoon bread is something we'd like, but the chicken  recipe sounds good.  Although after looking the recipes over, I've about decided they are similar to others I've tried.  Of course, I might have to substitute some ingredients - specifically to reduce the amount of butter and cream since Paula is usually heavy into the high-fat ingredients. 

Mom wants to eat lunch out somewhere today, so I'll give her the two recipes when I see her.  Mom, Sweetz, and I will meet our son for lunch tomorrow - seems he wants to celebrate my birthday again.  I can do that!!!  As a volunteer, I get some free labs, so Thursday I'm to meet a fellow volunteer for some bloodletting.  She has great veins, although mine are small and like to hide so she'll be finished before me.  We're to head out afterward for breakfast (since we'll be fasting for the tests).  

Sweetz and I attended the wedding shower Sunday for the pastor's daughter and they got lots of nice gifts.  They should be well set for  beginning housekeeping in a couple of months.  I understand the groom inherited his grandparents' country home, so the couple is fixing it up.  How nice to have a home to start your  marriage. We don't know how to relate to not having mortgage payments! 

We've had rainy days recently so it's nice to see the sun this morning.  A bit more warmth and I'll be even happier.  But warm days will return and then we'll all be grumbling about the heat! 

Sweetz and I went to see the doc yesterday about his tick bite.  I just wanted someone else to see it and get a prescription for antibiotics.  The doc was busy so Sweetz was seen by a new nurse practitioner.  Guess that's the way the offices are having to fill the shortage of physicians.  She seemed rather young and inexperienced and had to leave the room a hundred times to consult with someone.  The office nurse and also the physician walked her through the steps (I could overhear the whispered conversations outside the door).  I knew the steps to be taken and she finally did them with the assistance of the office workers, so all was done correctly......... although ....... slooooowly.  Nope, I never said anything, just observed.  They have to learn on someone and it was ok that it was us yesterday with something simple like the tick bite. Sweetz is taking his oral antibiotics and now I'm hopeful he will be fine in a week or so.  There were alot of walkers, canes, and oxygen tanks coming and going from the waiting room.  Will that be one of us in a few years??? 


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