Thursday, April 12, 2012


Whatz this?  No one comes through and enters a blog for me when I'm entangled in life's great messes!!? Well, actually it was not a life's great mess, but maybe I had you going there for a bit.  Just another normal week in the life of a retired geezer. 

It turned chilly yesterday and today with temps dipping near ta freezing at night.  The Sweetz One is chewing his fingernails worrying about the young and tender in his garden. I told him to go on to sleep and forget them - for there was nothing he could do to stop the frost if that's what the Good Lord deemed for this area.  Plants can be replanted.  He grumbled off and on but finally went to bed. 

Now, it's my turn to flip the lights and check the doors.  Can't be too careful these days.  Just read online yesterday that folks are stealing the copper vases and markers off grave sites now.  Obviously, for a few coins.  Yep, and that Mr. o'Bamo sez things are getting better.  Personally, I don't see it that way.  Lots of people are out of work and falling on hard times and that's not the way we Americans want to see our people live.  We're a republic and have the freedom to be a couch potato or work our way up the financial ladder.  It's up to our mind and incentive. 

I made a batch of spaghetti sauce yesterday and we finished it off today.  I used angel hair pasta and with that slow-cooked sauce piled on top, it was like food from heaven. 

Tomorrow I need to run to the library to return my book stash.  I'm thinking I'll not take any out this time - a friend of mine loaned me two of her BIG books so I'm thinking that will keep me tied up for a couple of weeks.  And if I finish these two in record time, I can always head up the road to get some from the library.  Or read some of the ones in my home library.  I even kept some of my  English Lit books from college.  Some of those classics I never read and that's on my bucket list.  All I need now is some sunny hours so I can sit on my porch and read.  Gotta get that done now before the summer garden is producing and I'm stuck over a hot canner.  Speaking of that, I need to buy another couple dozen or so jars.  Reminder to self:  jot "canning jars" on my list. 

We received the baseball schedule for the two grands yesterday.  They will need gramps and gramma out at the field cheering them on if they want an undefeated season.  Sounds like a great way to get some new pictures of them too.  Of course, they are on two different teams but surely we can get to some of their games before the heat of the summer keeps us in the shade.  Note to self:  Remember to take your hat Gramma.

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