Monday, April 9, 2012

Alot Cleaner

All weekend I promised myself that MONDAY I was going to do my spring cleaning.  So, today dawned and sure to my self-promise,  I hit the cleaning supplies.  The house is now clean...well, not perfectly, but close enough to make me happy.  I'm tired too.  My back is aching- - that problem came from helping Sweetz pick up a riding lawnmower many moons ago.  He must have thought I was Mrs. Hercules, because he encouraged me to help him.  I was stupid and helped.  Duh.  Did I bend my knees for the proper lifting technique?  I don't remember, but I seriously doubt it.  He's one of those get 'er done quick type of people.  And I can't seem to slow him down much since that fateful day. 

Mom came mid cleaning spree today so I stopped and visited and we hit a little restaurant for lunch and more chat time.  Sometimes you just have to spend some mother/daughter time - even mid spring cleaning.  Ahhh, but I digress...came home and completed the cleaning.  I had furniture moved away from the walls and sitting in the middle of the floor.  Things HAD to be finished or we'd be sleeping at the local motel. 

Speaking of sleeping, I actually hung our sheets on the clothesline today.  Talk about simplicity.  And talk about fresh-smelling!  The sheets are now back on our bed  - and with the smell of outdoors and flowers and spring and sunny days all rolled up into one delicious scent. 

I've been asked to photograph a wedding this July.  I've spent some time looking at wedding photos to see if I can get some ideas.  But even after viewing some wedding photos, I know it is really a matter of capturing the natural moment of two people in love who only have eyes for each other.  I don't know these people so the magic will happen before my eyes.  I've requested the name of the venue so I can do a bit of planning.  But JULY!!??!!  - REALLY!!  Everyone will be sweating.  And it's an afternoon wedding.  Would you believe 2pm!!!  Like prime heat wave moment!  OK, maybe the magic will happen inside an air-conditioned church and we will all be comfortable.  One can hope...

Mom and I went by the cemetery to put fresh spring flowers on dad's grave.  We chose white calla lilies and they look so perky  and scream "spring".  I visited the grave of our friend who was buried last Monday - sweet lady.  The flowers were spread across her grave in their week-old lifeless state.  I felt like picking them all up but knew it wasn't my place.  But I will remember her as the sweet person she was: alive, and smiling, and showing love to everyone she met.



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