Thursday, April 26, 2012


Some things seem greater than life while others seem to dwarf with time. It's good to experience both to keep things on track.

Today I had routine blood work drawn and had a few other tests, everything seemed ok but will have to wait for the results of the blood tests.  Wow, I'll probably have to follow another healthy eating pattern.  Wonder how long that will last?  hehe  I know it's not funny, but at least I can snicker about it today.  Now, when I see the results, I may have another set of thoughts.  Ugh, sigh.

I saw some people I knew and it was great to catch up and get hugs from some special people.  Sweetz and I had evening time by the fire pit tonight.  It was nice.  And the roasted marshmallows were a special treat.  We talked about going camping for a week in early May.  Nice to have some plans in the works.  :) 

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