Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just a Day in the Park

I asked mom if she'd like to ride with me to Greensboro today to check out a few things.  There was a stop here and there - then we decided to have lunch at Mimi's.  Good place to eat and we had an efficient waitress.  We both had the combo half sandwich with a cup of soup.  And there was a side of fresh fruit.  Yummy in the tummy.

DSW was screaming my name so we headed inside to see if any shoes jumped off the racks to impress me.  One made it's way to my heart and to the cashier counter.  Mom bought two pair.  One shopper bought SIX pairs of shoes - and they were all for herself!!   

To enjoy the outdoors and walk off our yogurt and fruit treat which we bought at Red Mango, we decided to walk around in the Bicentennial Park.  It was a sunny day but definitely was breezy.

I took a few pictures of mom even though the breeze blew her hair straight up in the air.  She seldom allows me to point the camera at her, but she was cooperative today. 

I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce.  We'll have some tomorrow and I'll freeze a portion too.  It will be nice to eat this on one of the chilly late spring days that's predicted for the next two days.

It's getting late so I'm off for bed.  I'm not that tired, but sure am suffering with Heavy Eyelid Syndrome combined with huge yawns.  But I wanted to READ!!  OK, I'll try to finish my library book tomorrow.  And I'm sure I'll find something else awesomely important to do tomorrow.    

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