Thursday, April 19, 2012

Van To Man

A guy is coming to buy one of our vans this morning at 9am so yesterday we cleaned it inside and out.  Lots of work but it looks good.  The man said he wrecked his van the other day so is happy to have found this one at a reasonable price. 

Then Sweetz washed my car and another van.

10pm:  We were ready when VanMan arrived this morning.  He got it up on a car hauler and off he went down the road smiling all the way.  There was so sadness here as it was time to let her go since she was generally just stealing driveway space.

This last picture was taken with my smartphone and I had not a clue how to get the pictures off of it.  After reading some how-to's on the internet, I found the teensy memory card and got it in an adapter and saved the pictures to the computer.  There's no danger I will ever become a techno whiz, but it was nice to be able to figure  how to use the pictures.  I also used some of my older photos as ID I'll see pictures when these people call instead of phone number/name.  A little learning can be fun but certainly don't want to over-tax my senior brain...

I WAS going to make an angel food cake tonight (it's a mix, don't get overly excited!!), but here I sit at a laptop.  Since I picked a bowl of strawberries from our garden this afternoon, it would be nice to use for strawberry shortcake!  Yum!  

I did finish saga book #2 that Pat loaned me.  Ohhhh, it was good, but talk about taxing - what a stress to my codger brain.  Doesn't take much these days.  I prefer deeper books, not those shallow ones.  Now, I'm out of books and off to the library I must go tomorrow...

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