Thursday, April 5, 2012

Losses Of A Personal Kind

We've had all sorts of weather yesterday and today.  Rain, hail, sun, overcast skies.  That's ok, it's spring and the summer hasn't really arrived in all of her hot splendor yet.  I'll take the cooler days - the heat of July and August will arrive soon enough. 

Sweetz and I went to the grocery store this morning and in addition to our own groceries, we picked up a tray of sandwiches and another tray of veggies with dip.  Both looked scrumptious.  We stopped by Steve's house to visit a bit with him and the family.  So sorry for his wife's death - she suffered with cancer for several years and she will be missed.  He was out walking the dogs but we visited with their pastor as well as Stevie and his wife while we waited. We always called him Little Stevie but he's an adult now  so I thought it was time to drop the "Little".   

Since the rain stopped, I loaded a big bag of hostas a friend wanted and drove over to deliver them.  She wasn't home, so I left them on her back deck. 

Our cabinet of canned goods is a total mess - I can't find anything in there without stirring and poking.  Seems like it's past time to do a bit of organization.  Sweetz said he'd let me do that.  Thanks Honey!  

We saw a neat sign last week that spelled out "Garden" at Cracker Barrel which was made with odd plumbing gadgets fastened to an old board.  We thought it was so cute, but my Sweetz didn't want to fork out the $30 for something he would enjoy making himself.  You have five guesses as to what he's making now?  Yep, he just showed me the word.  It's made with different "stuff" he found in his workshop.  It's pretty cute.  He stained a piece wood to mount the "letters" on so it will be a couple of days before he can finish it.  That stain will take DAYS to dry in this rainy weather. 

We're to have cooler days for the next few days - might be time to handle some indoor tasks.  There are always several on my to-do list.  My floors are a mess.  And the dust on the furniture is getting thick enough to be useful for notes and grocery lists.  Where does my time go?  Reminds me, I need to pop my ham in the oven so it can be baking.  Easter is coming and maybe I should dye some Easter eggs for fun. Maybe Sweetz and I can have a egg hunt.  If we hide the eggs today, surely we geezers will have forgotten where they are by Sunday!  

There's an outdoor Easter Sunrise Service at our church on Sunday - starts at 7am.  I'm figuring with these temps that are expected I may have to wear my winter coat over my Easter finery.  Brrr.  There's a big breakfast afterwards, sounds like good eating to me.  I'm doing pretty well with my healthier eating pattern...I've lost 7 pounds and I'm proud of each one but it sure takes discipline to be successful.  They pop off fairly quickly at the beginning of a diet but have a tendency to be sluggish after that.  I only have a thousand more to go... 

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