Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Italian For The Day

We piddled around the place this morning with this and that but eventually got ready to head down the road to meet our son near Oak Ridge for lunch.  He works someplace near Elizabeth's Italian eatery and it's convenient for him to join us there.  It's a neat little place with attention paid to each customer.  Since it was my  birthday celebration, he paid for my meal plus I got a gift from him too.  Nice to be remembered. 

There was a special on the menu today of penne pasta, ham, and peas in Alfredo sauce.  It came with some great chewy bread.  Yumm.  We each ordered something different and they all looked delicious.  After some time chatting around the table, we let Brian get back to work while Sweetz, mom, and I checked out a consignment shop and also Tractor Supply.  Walking around was indeed the best part after stuffing ourselves to the gills with our great lunch choices.  

With the garden season gearing up, I thought it would be good if I bought another dozen each of quart and pint jars.  Might need to be prepared in case we have a bumper crop.  Our little garden is small but provides enough to keep us and mom with veggies to eat most days. It's a bonus that they are so delicious fresh from the garden. We didn't forget the katz either, so they have a supply of cat food for the next few weeks.  We drove in our driveway about 4pm and realized we had made a day of it! 

Tomorrow, I'm to get some lab work so I'll be stuck a few times before enough of the red stuff will come out.  Ouch.  I was to have breakfast with a friend afterward, but she has a conflict so I'll be on my own.  After fasting for the early bloodletting, I'm sure I'll be heading to the egg and sausage bar as soon as my feet will get me there.  Certainly wouldn't want to be dizzy and weak!!  And while I'm near civilization, I'll probably find a shop or two before I head home. 

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