Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Musings

I checked with mom this morning to see what her plans were and she was free from any commitments so I ran by her house to pick her up.  She asked me to check a few places on the back first to see if they were ticks.  Nope.  And was she ever relieved.  She was just sure she had two ticks embedded. 

My SIL sent a CD of Wayne's funeral so we listened to it.  The volume was extremely low so mom had trouble hearing the words.  Wish I could figure out how to get the volume higher.  And yes, I turned up the volume on the computer and that didn't help much.  I cried throughout the tape but it was still sweet to hear all the music and the sweet comments.

We went to lunch at a local pizza joint and we both had one of their specials:  homemade chicken salad pita.  Ever so good and different.  Then off we went to run some errands one of which for me was to get some books from the library.  I'm extremely pleased to have five decent novels at my disposal.  Not sure which one I will read first. 

We're invited to a bridal shower tomorrow, so I stopped by Tena's Place and bought a pretty tray with mother-of-pearl inlay around the edge.  Looks like a million bucks!  And Tena even wrapped it for me.  I do need to make a card, but that's easy peasy.  She held the pounded metal jewelry class this past Monday and I missed it again!  She's not sure she will do that particular class again, but reminded me that I could drop in anytime during the day and she'd show me how to do it and I could make one right in her activity center.  Ummm, I really should, that would be so much fun to learn a new craft.  I also bought a package of Sculpey clay today.  Since I've seen some neat videos of hand-crafted jewelry, I think I'll try my hand at that next week. 

This morning I made a pot of ham and bean soup and it simmered for hours while I was gone today.  Sweetz and I had a bowl for supper and it was sooooo goooood.  Yum Yum  I've been reading some full-time RV blogs and dreaming yet again of a long trip west.  Wish I could get the blocks out from underneath my Sweetz's feet.  Wonder if mom would like to go with me instead...

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