Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cookies and Tea

Today was one of those dreary overcast days although the temps eventually rose to 65*.  There was a bit of sprinkling off and on although no accumulation. Bare branches where once was summer green then colorful fall foliage could hamper my attitude so I decided I was going to do something productive today if I was going to stay home. 

So, I dug out my molasses spice cookie recipe and the ingredients were gathered on the counter. 

They seem to be my recent cookie of choice,
at least for the past year.
They smelled delicious when they came out of the oven
and I just had to taste one (ok, 3 to be honest)
to make sure they were as good as they looked. 
Yep, they were.

I packed up a container and walked over to my neighbor's house where we had a great time chatting over a cup of tea and sampling Christmas goodies.  She ate some of the cookies I brought her while I had a piece of her zucchini bread with a bit of cream cheese spread on the top.  We didn't solve all the country's ills, but we enjoyed being together.  I always leave with a promise to visit her again.  She's a widow and lives alone, so it's fun to check in on her from time to time and I figured my cookies would be welcome too.

My bathroom rug was beginning to fray on both ends, so decided today was the day to see if I could tackle some mending.  After checking the underside, I decided fabric glue would be a suitable solution.  Well, if it doesn't hold, I'll try Plan B -- a BIG needle and some heavy thread.  I turned the rug over and generously glued the loose flaps and chose the versatile wooden clothespin to hold it closed until it dried.  Haven't tested the bond yet - I'll give it until tomorrow.  Surely, it will hold...

What a lovely plant!  I do love the poinsettias this time of year.  So beautiful in their festive reds and greens.

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