Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Good Report

We received a photo on our phone today from MilitarySon.  We haven't heard from him in months, so it was nice to know that he's ok over there in Afghanistan. 

I had a dental appt today - so went to that this afternoon where instruments, water sprayer, and of course a pair of hands made it into my mouth - mostly at the same time.  It's at that moment when they ask you questions!!  The hygienist and dentist both gave me good reports. I received a few samples and a return appt -- then I was set free. 

After leaving the dentist's office, I spent a bit of time cruising the aisles of WalMart to pick up a few items on my list and then home.  Sweetz had eaten a sandwich while I was gone.  Somehow, I'm not hungry, so I'll use this to my advantage and skip eating tonight unless my stomach talks to me later.

My knee is soooo much better today.  I noticed I didn't have as much difficulty walking.  Now, hope this is a good sign and that it's on the mend. It's been WEEKS since my fall in the kitchen and I'm ready to have a decent knee again.  I want to begin walking again.  Ahhh, maybe I can walk again tomorrow.  That's a good goal.  

The restaurant we ate in for our son's birthday last week sent us a coupon for a free dessert.  They must have loved my survey feedback.  Or could it be they would be delighted to have us return for another costly meal???    

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