Monday, November 22, 2010

Tom and Me

Tonight I cooked Tom.  He's a beauty, not far from the coveted spot of perfection, if I say so myself.  He's out and resting as the good cooks tell me.  Sweetz just waltzed through and admired Tom so see that if I don't stand firm to watch Tom, he might be sampled.  Tomorrow I will make the gravy and dressing.  All these recipes are from my maternal grandmother.  She was one terrific cook and I love all her recipes. 

Our son's wife called tonight to inform us Brian was involved in a rear-end accident tonight on his way home from work.  The paramedics took him to the ER for x-rays just to be safe.  Bet he'll be sore tomorrow and for a few days to come.  We are to go to their house Thursday for Thanksgiving so I think he should have the option to prop his feet up and rest his back in the comfy recliner.  But he will definitely eat good Thursday.  I'm to take the turkey, gravy, and dressing.  Figured I would fix everything early and have it ready to tote so there's no Thursday morning rush - no dried turkey, lumpy gravy, or overcooked dressing. Grandma would be proud!

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