Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Things Take Time

Sweetz and I enjoyed our day doing a few chores and even squeezed in a hour to talk about our projected western trip.  He gave me his preliminary western travel route today and I volunteered to research winter temps in those cities along the route.  No, no, no - I'm definitely not impressed with any West Nest plan that requires me to freeze.  Sweetz sauntered through a bit ago and studied the data filling my spreadsheet.  Needless to say, we quickly decided we either must overwinter in TX or Gulf states or delay our trip.  The consensus is that waiting another month or so - like Mar to leave - makes more sense.  Bummer, I was really looking forward to traveling, but I don't want to head to places only to be as cold as it is here.  We could overwinter in the deep south, but that doesn't offer interest to us since I've lived there.  It's really our (well, MY) desire to see the west, and to us warmer temps would be more comfortable so we could better enjoy sites along the route.  Ahhhhh, that makes more sense.  Better but sadder.  Now, I must pray for patience.  Geezers shouldn't buy green bananas - much less wait for a more appropriate season to travel. Yes, yes, I need patience.

Speaking of bananas, I made banana bread today.  We had a lunch of pizza and banana bread on the front porch while we watched the unnecessary repaving of our road.  Guess I could call our experience - a dinner and a show!  The pavement was already in great shape but for some reason our county/state/country govt decided it was time to waste some tar and blacktop on our road. Good thing we didn't have to pay for either - the pizza was good, but today's live show nearly made my innards get  as hot as the tar watching dollar$ flow out of our tax coffers.  I took my camera into the front yard and snapped away.  Seeing me, the men did not tarry along the length of our property but quickly dumped the blacktop followed by Roller Man who flattened and packed the length a number of times.  Then the process was repeated on the opposite lane.  They continued this procedure on the next stretch of road as they moved further away and eventually out of sight. Bet they found a quiet place to "take a break" but it wasn't wasn't going to happen in front of our house. 

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