Friday, November 19, 2010

We've Been Framed!

Sure was a pretty day around here today.  Temp went up to 58* and we had beautiful blue skies with a few wispy clouds.  Our autumn color has passed the peak so we are experiencing colors dulling every day to the point that today we have a predominance of browns.  Yes, there are a few reds, oranges, and yellows, but the dazzling colors are over.  Ohhhh, I'm saddened to see them fade as it was a spectacular show this fall. This was my first fall since I quit work so I could view it all day from the house or outside.  Sweetz and I were outside a lot today and certainly enjoyed the warm weather.  From what Mr. Weatherman states, we will have several more beautiful days like today.  

Yesterday I bought a collage frame which holds four 4x6 pictures and a tiny hole formed in the conjunction of these is about 2.5 inches square.  I have three nice professional pictures of Sweetz and myself for three of the frames.  So, today it was my goal to take pictures for the final frame and the itsy bitsy frame formed in the middle.  We tried this and that but finally chose two of our favorite shots.  One is our of wedding bands and the other one is a shadow in the shape of a heart against a brick wall.  Nice...if I say so myself. 

I do love to look at photography on the internet so the past few days many hours were spent looking at pictures from both professional and amateur photobugs.  I didn't copy any of their pictures, but they inspired me to go farther in my quest for a better shot.  We're pleased and...that's what matters at this point.

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