Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some Whimsey in Everyone's Life

I experienced a whimsical period this morning. 
During that time, I decorated our camper birdhouse and enjoyed every moment!  
Sometimes I just have to express my funny side of life. 
Complete with our two katz in the side window. 
Yep, I even made the wreath on the door and
the Christmas tree in the

Two times this morning a bird has flown into our sliding glass door. 
When I look,
the poor thing is stunned on the patio
probably seeing little birdie stars. 
It doesn't take long though,
and the little
guy is flying
once again.


We have a birdfeeder about 12 feet from the door
but perhaps I need to post a sign on it suggesting 
they consult their GPS before take-off. 

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