Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday Boy

Since our son is celebrating a birthday this week, we suggested we meet him at a nice restaurant in Greensboro for lunch today.  He chose Bravo which is a lovely Italian restaurant and we were thrilled with our food and the service of our fabulous waiter, Marcus, who was nearly perfect.

All three of us decided on lasagna and a salad.  Oh boy, what a fabulous meal.  Their lasagna is cooked in an Alfredo sauce.  First time I ever had it prepared that way.  And I was not disappointed.  They have a huge brick oven which you can see from most tables where things are baked right before your eyes.  Of course, we were talking and listening so much to Brian that we didn't watch the activities from the food preparation area. All three of us ordered the lasagna and it was served piping hot hot hot right from the oven.  Yummy.  Birthday Boy ordered a dessert and then Marcus brought him a delectable ice cream concoction topped with whipped cream, cherry, cookie, and a birthday candle.  And yes, he ate his lasagna, the bread, the salad, 3 drinks, and two desserts!  Yes, really.  Not sure where he put them, but I bet his afternoon at work was spent fighting sleep.  I didn't even think to take a picture of our food until it was nearly gone.  Oh well, next time hopefully I will remember.  

He also seemed to like the birthday card with a Lowes gift card tucked inside.  A guy can never have too many Lowes gift cards.

After we left, Sweetz and I drove to Winston-Salem and looked at several RVs.  None were what we were looking for so we'll be keeping our camper until the right one comes along.  We began our marriage in that town so it was neat to see a few places where we spent a lot of time during those years and one where Birthday Boy was born and spent his first days in the NICU until he could breathe and meet the infant discharge weight requirement.  He started out slow in those areas, but he's made up for it ever since!

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