Friday, November 5, 2010

Up, Down, Wet, & Dry

The other day Sweetzy Poo and I raked/blew the leaves in the front yard. 
Since it was a beautiful day, it was nice to get outside to enjoy some exercise and sunshine. 
We took the opportunity to fall in the leaves just like kids.
I hope we never grow up!

Today one of our katz (Holly) decided to enjoy a bit of time outdoors.
She doesn't like the flash on the camera, but today she didn't seem to mind.
Or is that a glare she's giving me?

I thought this was a neat shot of the imprint of two wet leaves in the concrete. 
This will last until another rain washes it away.
Nothing lasts forever in this world.

Today was a pretty sunny fall day...until I looked outdoors and noticed it was raining!
Surprise!  Surprise! A quiet shower.

On my mind this week are several people I know who are suffering from health issues.  It is so sad to see each one struggle with what are atrocious illnesses.  I feel helpless, but can offer my prayers.  

Since I knew my honey loves shrimp, I thawed some for tonight's supper.  After marinating them, I grilled them in my George Foreman grill.  I am really loving that one piece of cookware.  It's easy, fast, and nearly foolproof.  Sure beats firing up the gas grill for just the two of us.  The meal sure impressed Sweetzie because he told me how good it was FIVE TIMES.  This is a new praise record.

We're planning to go camping for a few days soon with some friends.  Charles has a boat and promises to take it out so he and Sweetz can fish.  Hopefully, he'll also take his wife and me for a boat ride around the lake one day too.  Wheeeee!  Hope I remember to take my camera!

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