Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pizzas, Peppers, Plants, Planes...and one Piano

Today was another beautiful one in our area.  The trees here must be in their autumn peak because everywhere you turn is a pretty scene.  I doubt it will be long before the branches are bear. Bear trees can be pretty, but I soon tire of that scene and begin my beg for spring to arrive. 

There's a good chance we will experience our first frost tonight, so Sweetz has wrapped a few things in tarps to see if we can save them a few more weeks.  We picked the rest of the peppers since I doubt there will be time for the little ones to mature.  One patio pepper pot is now spending the night indoors.  It has quite a few little peppers on it so thought it would be worth the effort.  We also brought in most of the potted porch flowers (geraniums, fern, nasturtiums, begonias, impatiens, etc).  Guess they will share our den this winter, although I sweetly suggested to Sweetz that we could let them "go" and buy new ones next year.  Oh now, that didn't happen --- they are to be our winter friends. 

I cut a vaseful of pineapple sage branches and have them on the dining table.  So pretty - although we both agree the deep green leaves and the rich red blooms seem more like Christmas than Thanksgiving.  Oh well, they are pretty.  And flowers always cheer me whatever color they are. I snipped several branches of my annual herbs too since they may be the last I get this season. Nothing like the fragrance of a bouquet of fresh herbs on the window sill.

Today we received two batches of prints I ordered online and inserted them in albums with a few labels so I won't forget where the shots were taken.  I want to buy a few more albums for two boxes of our old pictures.  Most are from earlier in our marriage when funds were lacking for such frivolous purchases as albums.  Those were the days - happy ones with many memories.

Went to mom's this morning but found her lounging contentedly in her jams and robe.  She wasn't about to go out with me.  So we sat and talked a long time in  her den and finally she said she'd like to go out for lunch.  YIPPPEEE.  I played the piano while she dressed and off we went to a cozy pizza parlor.  When the younger Saturday night crowd began to arrive, quarters were stuffed in the jukebox, and our table began to vibrate.  We decided it was time to wander the roads in search of peace and beauty. 

We headed out toward the mountains and enjoyed the fall views in all directions.  I snapped a few pictures of the afternoon.  At one point, I decided to take a side road to see a community airport and watched two small planes take off and another bigger plane waiting by the terminal.  Surprisingly, I saw a car I recognized exiting the parking lot.  Lo and behold it was two friends who were also enjoying a Saturday drive in the same area.  Small world. 

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